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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Future Eden by J.M. Morgan

Future Eden by Jill Morgan



ISBN: 1-55817-653-5

PINNACLE BOOKS (October 1992)

Desert Eden Trilogy


It is the year 2020 and the earth is finally healing. The plague unleashed by man's own hand at the end of the twentieth century has left the planet clean of the curses of civilization. Only a handful of people survive - those whose natural immunity has spared them a hideous death, and those who remain safely imprisoned within the sealed dome of Biosphere Seven, a living laboratory in the high Texas desert.

Though the original handful of scientists and their descendents yearn for the day it will be safe to leave its walls of glass and steel, there are those among them who are willing to wait no longer. It is time for them to join with the wanderers of the New Earth, the seekers of a New Eden...

Willow Gray Wolf - Born in the shadow of the Biosphere, she leaves the Outsiders behind to journey north to a land of blue-black mountains and clear rivers. Blessed - and cursed - with the ability to see what is to come, she struggles to find her destiny.

Seth Katelo - Determined to understand the world as his Inuit father did before him, he journeys westward to the ocean of peace, where he finds the strength to begin again...

Sidra - She left the Biosphere in search of freedom. Beneath the open sky, she seeks it still... and finds it in the most unlikely place of all...

Zechar al Maghrib - His fate foretold by a shooting star, he leads all who will follow across a continent, and into a land of hope.

Beyond their world of glass and steel, a new age is beginning...

My Opinion Is...

Ooo, I liked this one. "Beyond Eden" made me feel lost and disconnected but "Future Eden" sort of brought me back to "Desert Eden". It's the year 2020. A disaster forces the Outsiders to move on, leaving behind the Insiders in Biosphere Seven.

The scary part is that something happens inside the dome where they aren't able to stay inside anymore. They have to come face to face with a decision. Stay or leave? Jessica knew that no matter what they choose, it would end in tragedy.

I struggled through the Zechar parts mostly because I had no idea how he could play a part in everything. Was it just to explain that there were other people in other parts of the world going through their own struggles? It was awesome to find out how he plays a hand in everything.

Spiritualism abounds. People are reconnecting to the earth, sky, etc... Willow was still receiving visions, Prophet was having warning dreams, and Zechar sought answers through certain actions.

I also loved how the book ended. There was hope but you weren't quite sure how it all worked out for everyone - The Outsiders, Insiders, and for Zechar.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beyond Eden by J.M. Morgan

Beyond Eden by Jill Morgan



ISBN: 1-55817-602-0


Desert Eden Trilogy


It is the year 2017 and the earth's population has been virtually wiped out by plague. Other than the few who carried a natural immunity to the deadly virus, the only remaining humans are the handful of scientists who had entered the sealed dome of Biosphere Seven, a living laboratory in the high Texas desert. For twenty years, the scientists have not dared leave their sterile prison, but their children have grown restless inside the security of its stifling walls.

Brilliant but unsettled, this second generation of Biosphere Seven is eager to explore and claim the new wilderness, and meet the Outsiders beyond their sphere. But if they leave the comfort and safety of Eden, will they find adventure... or death?

Jessica Nathan - She is the team leader, struggling with an uncertain future, and torn between her duty and an old passion.

Cameron Nathan - Jessica's headstrong son will pay any price, even his love for a beautiful girl, for the freedom beyond Biosphere.

Jonathan Katelo - He and his brother Seth dare to leave the green valleys of Montana to seek mankind's mythical last city.

Josiah Gray Wolf - Leading the Outsiders, a new tribe of survivors who live near Biosphere, he struggles against humanity's old mistakes.

Outside the cage of glass and steel, a brave new world beckons...

My Opinion Is...

Hmm... I'm not quite sure. I don't know.

It's 2018, pretty much twenty years after the virus had pretty much killed everyone except for a handful. It begins with John Katelo's family. Two of his oldest sons have decided they must head south to find wives.

Then you're taken to Biosphere Seven where you find out that there's more than a dozen new kids that have been born due to a genetic breeding system that the adults have set up to prevent inbreeding. Jessica is pretty much crumbling away, wondering if they made a huge mistake of creating all these new lives. She's viewing Biosphere Seven more and more as an eggshell. Just one little crack and they all will die.

The Outsiders don't seem to live near the dome nor do much interacting with the people inside the dome. They also went on to have children even though some have died a few days later after birth due to the virus. Around this point, you can tell that its getting more and more spiritual. Something traumatizing happens to Josiah Grey Wolf's daughter and she's now a "Spirit Woman" (Witch) who can't help but scare everybody with things that she can 'see' or 'know' that no one else can know.

Halfway through the book, you're sent all the way to Africa to follow the life of a man named Zechariah from birth to childhood to starting out on a journey. Zechar, as he is known, seems to be totally driven by a vision to unite all the people of Earth under one nation. How that can possibly be achieved, the book doesn't touch on that. That's something that most likely will unfold in "FUTURE EDEN". I didn't really find myself caring about Zechar or anything to do with him.

Katelo's sons find their way to the Outsiders where they are welcomed. More things happen. More time passes. Lives are lost. Lives are born. People have to face up to all the risks they took, etc etc etc...

I didn't hate the book but I didn't love it. I don't know if I even liked it. It was okay. I loved 'Desert Eden' but maybe this book is slow because everything is trying to build up to 'Future Eden'? I'll find out pretty soon.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Desert Eden by J.M. Morgan

Desert Eden by Jill Morgan



ISBN: 1-55817-542-3

PINNACLE BOOKS (September 1991)

Desert Eden Trilogy


1997. A team of five men and five women enter the sealed dome of Biosphere Seven, a living laboratory on the high Texas desert. Their mission - and their dream - is to spend the next two years in the self-sufficient ecosystem laying a blueprint for the ecological salvation of the Earth.

Suddenly, the future is beyond anyone's control. A man-made bioweapon has wiped the globe virtually clean of life, leaving the scientists of Biosphere Seven all that remain of the once - and future - human race.

Jessica Nathan - As team leader, it is up to her to make the most difficult decisions... and the most impossible choices.

Quinn Kelsey - A computer genius with a passion for saving the planet, he's both a rebel and a dreamer. He can also save Jessica... if she'll let him.

Maggie Adair - While the others see the dome as a sealed tomb, she has found a sanctuary. For the first time she feels safe and loved, and she'll do anything to stay that way.

Josiah Gray Wolf - His heritage has given him a special appreciation for man's obligation to nature. He alone will risk everything to discover the truth they all seek about what lies outside the Biosphere.

Within the walls of glass and steel, a new world must be born...

My Opinion Is...
I loved it. Okay, show's over. Oh, it's not? Okay. A real review.. Hmm...

I was under the impression that this book was going to focus only on the ten people inside Biosphere Seven. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. Throughout the book you were taken to different situations in and out of Biosphere Seven.

The book begins on Christmas Eve of 1997. It starts with this 'fat cat' type and you find out that he's the reason that six of these biospheres were built. In one of the biospheres, a team was working on something that unfortunately turned out to be the biggest mistake ever.

You have the usual reactions. Some of the people inside Biosphere Seven feel trapped and isolated knowing the air outside the dome is contaminated with this virus. Some people sought comfort with each other and ended up creating new lives... and some lives were lost through certain situations. They even come to an agreement to send one of their own out into the world! People who were untouched by the virus or survived it had all shared the same question - why where they spared?

Throughout the book, you also follow a thread of another survivor named John Katelo who has a companion, a Samoyed, named Kip. A couple of survivors cross his path and that was a very interesting story itself. While he did play a tiny part near the very beginning, this thread doesn't mingle with the main story at all. I believe this thread will unfold in the second book, "BEYOND EDEN".

Towards the end of the book, one survivor seems to go on some spiritual journey and gives himself a title. I don't know if this is good or bad but for me, it feels like it's going to grow into something very creepy for the second book.

I thought I'd share this link I found: Jill Morgan

It's an essay by a student who had several interviews with Jill Morgan - in case anyone wants to know more about the author.

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