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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Future Eden by J.M. Morgan

Future Eden by Jill Morgan



ISBN: 1-55817-653-5

PINNACLE BOOKS (October 1992)

Desert Eden Trilogy


It is the year 2020 and the earth is finally healing. The plague unleashed by man's own hand at the end of the twentieth century has left the planet clean of the curses of civilization. Only a handful of people survive - those whose natural immunity has spared them a hideous death, and those who remain safely imprisoned within the sealed dome of Biosphere Seven, a living laboratory in the high Texas desert.

Though the original handful of scientists and their descendents yearn for the day it will be safe to leave its walls of glass and steel, there are those among them who are willing to wait no longer. It is time for them to join with the wanderers of the New Earth, the seekers of a New Eden...

Willow Gray Wolf - Born in the shadow of the Biosphere, she leaves the Outsiders behind to journey north to a land of blue-black mountains and clear rivers. Blessed - and cursed - with the ability to see what is to come, she struggles to find her destiny.

Seth Katelo - Determined to understand the world as his Inuit father did before him, he journeys westward to the ocean of peace, where he finds the strength to begin again...

Sidra - She left the Biosphere in search of freedom. Beneath the open sky, she seeks it still... and finds it in the most unlikely place of all...

Zechar al Maghrib - His fate foretold by a shooting star, he leads all who will follow across a continent, and into a land of hope.

Beyond their world of glass and steel, a new age is beginning...

My Opinion Is...

Ooo, I liked this one. "Beyond Eden" made me feel lost and disconnected but "Future Eden" sort of brought me back to "Desert Eden". It's the year 2020. A disaster forces the Outsiders to move on, leaving behind the Insiders in Biosphere Seven.

The scary part is that something happens inside the dome where they aren't able to stay inside anymore. They have to come face to face with a decision. Stay or leave? Jessica knew that no matter what they choose, it would end in tragedy.

I struggled through the Zechar parts mostly because I had no idea how he could play a part in everything. Was it just to explain that there were other people in other parts of the world going through their own struggles? It was awesome to find out how he plays a hand in everything.

Spiritualism abounds. People are reconnecting to the earth, sky, etc... Willow was still receiving visions, Prophet was having warning dreams, and Zechar sought answers through certain actions.

I also loved how the book ended. There was hope but you weren't quite sure how it all worked out for everyone - The Outsiders, Insiders, and for Zechar.

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